April 10th, 2022- Jackalope Taxidermy Workshop
April 10th, 2022- Jackalope Taxidermy Workshop
April 10th, 2022- Jackalope Taxidermy Workshop

April 10th, 2022- Jackalope Taxidermy Workshop

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This listing is for the Beloved Bones upcoming Jackalope Taxidermy Workshop! Find more details about this event below.

In this taxidermy workshop, we will cover beginner to intermediate techniques used in small mammal taxidermy. Some prior taxidermy experience is encouraged before taking this class(my rat class is great for first timers!) but is not required to take this class. Students will learn to skin the head of a rabbit(it will be pre-skinned up to the head), preserve the skin, sculpt a form and mount their own Jackalope. The finished product will be a shoulder mount, similar to the images on this listing. 

Class cost includes all materials, including an ethically sourced rabbit and a wood base to display their finished work on. Each student will leave class with their own taxidermy piece, and the knowledge to create their own taxidermy work in the future. 

Important Details

  • This workshop is Sunday, April 10th 2022, from 11am to 4pm
  • Admission fee per Student is $250
  • The workshop will be held at Beloved Bones new brick and mortar location
  • 2828 NW 10th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73107
  • This session is limited to 6 Students so don’t wait too long to make your reservation!
  • Mekala Littleton of Beloved Bones will be leading this class

Class size is limited to 6 students per class for each
student to receive maximum step-by-step attention from the instructor to obtain the best end results. The workshop is approximately 5 hours long. Those who are 20 minutes or later to the class will not be able to join, as it will be too difficult to get caught up to the rest of the students. There are no refunds for this class, but tickets are transferable for another class for an additional $50. Keep in mind this excludes any classes that are already sold out. If you need to transfer your ticket, please email Mekala at belovedbonescurios@gmail.com.

This workshop is available for Students 16+. Parents, family members, etc who are not paid students are unable to remain in the workshop during the class, as space is limited, but are welcome to browse the rest of the store or grab something to eat at the Deli during the class session. It is recommended students bring a bag or small box(tissue paper wouldn’t hurt either) to transport their completed work back home. 

PLEASE NOTE: All rabbits for used for the purpose of this workshop are legally obtained and disease free. All animals are sustainably sourced- no rabbits were killed for the purpose of this class. All rabbits used in this class are provided from the feeder/pet food industry. NO harsh or dangerous chemicals will be used in the process of this workshop. All Students will be provided with gloves and sanitary equipment. *Please do not bring any raw dead animals with you to the class.

For any questions, please email Mekala at belovedbonescurios@gmail.com